A couple of months ago we heard word that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might have 4GB of RAM, but Samsung may have just helped confirm that rumour itself. Not only that, it might be more power efficient than existing RAM modules too.

Samsung has announced that it's begun mass producing the industry's first 4 Gigabyte LPDDR4 mobile DRAM modules for phones and tablets. Samsung's LPDDR4 chip is two times faster than a typical DDR3 DRAM used in PCs and can support UHD video recording and playback, as well as continuous shooting of high-resolution 20MP+ images, so it will be a real boon for camera phones.

But the upshot is that 4GB RAM smartphones are coming, and soon.

High performance, low power

Yet despite all that performance the voltage is just 1.1V, making it the lowest power memory option available for large-screen smartphones and tablets. So it should simultaneously boost the performance of devices and be kinder on their batteries.

Given that it's faster than DDR3 DRAM and designed with tablets in mind it could also feasibly find its way on to computers, ushering in super laptops. Wherever it ends up it's likely to arrive soon, since Samsung is already starting to mass produce it.

We could feasibly see it in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and will almost certainly get it in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, not to mention lots of the other flagships and tablets that will be launching next year.

  • The Galaxy S6 might have a metal frame too.
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