Apple is no longer listing apps as 'Free' in the App Store
Get it?

If you're using an Apple device like the iPhone 6 or the iPad Air 2, you might have noticed that when browsing the App store you no longer see the 'Free' button to download initially free apps or games, but rather a more non-commital 'Get' button.

This change might seem trivial but it reflects how seriously Apple has taken the ongoing controversy over freemium apps and games.

Many of Apple's consumers have accused the app makers and Apple of deception as although the apps are initially free to download, to gain full functionality in apps, or to progress in games, customers have to buy in-app purchases that can end up being quite expensive. The European Commission has also been putting on a fair bit of pressure for change.

Suddenly those 'free' apps and games don't look quite so free after all, which is likely why Apple has changed the 'Free' button to a more neutral 'Get'.

Will this move be enough to satisfy critics? Time will tell.

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