BlackBerry Passport gold version spotted
Black and gold

Photos of a gold edition of the new BlackBerry Passport are circulating online, and by the looks it may cost significantly more than the £530 ($599) Passport standard.

The gold BlackBerry Passport photos were posted on Instagram, and show the phone with gold trim on the sides – although from the pics it's not clear if the whole rear of the phone is gold.

As standard, the BlackBerry Passport comes in pretty sober black and white shades, making this quite a blinged-out alternative.

But are these pictures, seen on CrackBerry, of an official gold version or one that has simply been modified by a third-party?

The plot thickens when we look at the watermark on one of the photos – "parisrosegold". Paris Rose is a Dubai-based company that sells 'full gold' versions of phones, mostly iPhones.

However, Paris Rose has also posted photos of manufacturers' gold phones in the past, so it's no guarantee this is simply a BlackBerry Passport mod.

The BlackBerry Passport has proved quite a contentious phone. Its design is extremely unusual, but with a reported 200,000 sales within days of its launch, it's not the outright flop some were expecting.