Is this our first look at the HTC M8 Eye?
Has a press image revealed what the HTC M8 Eye will look like?

It shouldn't be too much longer to wait for the launch of the HTC M8 Eye, but we might have caught a glimpse of it even earlier than expected.

An alleged press image that will be used to promote the HTC M8 Eye has found its way on to the internet, a week before the handset is expected to be officially launched at HTC's October 8 event.

The image, posted on evleaks' Weibo page (a Chinese social media site), gives us a good idea of what the HTC M8 Eye will look like, if press shot is legitimate.

HTC M8 Eye
The alleged press image. Source: evleaks

From the alleged press image it looks like the HTC M8 Eye will sport the same design as the HTC One M8, though it's not quite clear if it will have the metallic casing of the One M8, or go with the plastic chassis of the HTC One E8.

Though the body design may be the same as its predecessor, other leaks point to a 13MP camera and a secondary sensor for depth of field measuring and effects, differentiating it from the HTC One M8.

Hopefully more will be revealed at HTC's October 8 event.

Via gsmarena