Want to know what the Samsung Galaxy S6 will look like? Well this could be our first glimpse of the handset as pictures potentially showing the metal frame for Samsung's next flagship have appeared.

The images were picked up by NoWhereElse from an unnamed source, although the site is cautious when linking the shots directly to the Galaxy S6.

Taking a look at the aluminium shells in the pictures, there are clear similarities to be drawn between these and the frames of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha, which the S6 is predicted to mimic in terms of design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - LEAK
Does this look like a S6 to you? (credit: NoWhereElse)

No so fast

We're also proceeding with caution as there's no evidence as to where these images were taken, and while rows of aluminium may look impressive, it doesn't guarantee a link.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - LEAK
Is this the S6? (credit: NoWhereElse)

They do however fall in line with reports from Italian site HDBlog, which cites sources claiming the Galaxy S6 will have a curved display at each edge and an entirely aluminium shell.

Other rumours claim the S6 will rock up with a 5.5-inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM and either a 16MP or 20MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - LEAK
A familiar looking edge (credit: NoWhereElse)
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