LG could be building the G Flex Mini
Sexy flexy...

Think back to the heady days of October 2013 and you might recall the excitement we had over LG's curving LG G Flex handset. Well, it appears LG hasn't given up on the bendy phone idea just yet.

According to an Israeli reporter, the Korean company is working on a mini version of the phone called, appropriately enough, the LG G Flex Mini.

The reporter claims to have seen a prototype during a visit to the company's factory in Korea. And, when he questioned LG about it, wasn't offered a denial.

Flexing its screens once again

Unfortunately, there's no elaboration or photographic evidence to back up the claims, so we're treating them with the appropriate amount of scepticism.

We reviewed the original G Flex back in February and noted that while it was a nice handset, the steep price would be offputting for most people. If the G Flex Mini does prove to be a reality, we'd like to see it paired with a more affordable price tag.

  • Samsung did a curving phone too: the Samsung Galaxy Round

Via: Oled-info