LG G4: What we want to see
LG came close to perfection with the G3, hopefully it'll come even closer with the G4

The LG G3 is a phone that hugely impressed us, but there are a lot of things which could have been improved and some areas, such as battery life, in which it was even a step down from the LG G2.

Times are a-changing too and while the LG G3 is still a fairly recent phone it becomes that little bit more dated with each passing month and each new flagship release.

So it's not hard to think of ways that the LG G4 could be better. If you're reading LG, take the following suggestions on board.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? LG's next flagship smartphone
  • When is it out? Perhaps May 2015
  • What will it cost? It will command a high, flagship price

LG G4 news and rumors

We've already started to hear some rumblings in the technology underworld linked to LG's next flagship smartphone.

It could be goodbye bezel on the LG G4, as the South Korean firm has launched a display with a super slender 0.7mm of fat round its perimeter. The screen in question measures 5.3 inches, which is a jot smaller than the 5.5-inch G3, and we'd prefer this smaller size as it would be easier to handle.

The LG G3 has 1.15mm of bezel either side of the screen, so this new display could make the G4 look visually stunning.

LG G4 release date

Before we get to that though one thing we can do is take a guess at when the LG G4 might release. The LG G3 was launched in May, so given that LG has so far taken to releasing one flagship a year we'd expect the LG G4 will arrive in or around May 2015.

Having said that the LG G2 launched in September 2013, so LG has been a little inconsistent with its dates so far. May still seems a likely bet but if you're putting it in your calender you should probably write it in pencil.

That aside we can't even take much of a guess at anything about the LG G4 yet, but here's what we want to see:

A metal chassis

The LG G3 sure does a good job of looking metallic, but that's all it is, an effect, and as soon as you pick up the phone the illusion is broken, so much so in fact that it actually winds up feeling cheaper than the LG G2.


So we really hope the LG G4 will go the whole hog and have a shell crafted from actual metal. Even Samsung's sticking metal in its phones now so LG really can't afford not to.

We'd also appreciate it if they gave the G4 a unibody rather than having a removable back, as it's likely to feel more solid and premium as a result.

Improved battery life

The LG G3 had good battery life, but it was actually slightly worse than the G2's battery and that's not a trend we like to see. There's steeper competition here now too, with Sony in particular doing well with the Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z3 Compact, both of which have a whole lot of juice.

A battery saving mode

Battery saving modes are all the rage these days, whether it's Sony's Stamina mode, HTC's Extreme power saving mode or Samsung's Ultra power saving mode, but the LG G3 doesn't have one.

Now it already does a good job of conserving battery on the fly, by adapting the display and slowing down the processor when the extra horsepower isn't needed, but it would be great if the LG G4 went even further and had additional options that could be toggled as needed, just to squeeze even more juice out.

More power

More power is an obvious wish and an increasingly redundant one as most high end phones are levelling out and delivering near faultless performance. But the LG G3 actually did noticeably lag at times.