Nexus 6 details 'confirmed' and new intriguing info revealed
Looking Nexusy

It seems like we might have a pretty good idea of what we're getting with the Nexus 6 as most leaks and sources are saying the same things about it, including that it will have a 5.9-inch QHD display with a pixel density of 496 pixels per inch.

An unnamed source for Android Police echoes that information, but the site is so confident in its veracity that it goes so far as to 'confirm' it, and as well as reiterating existing information a few new details are revealed.

For one thing the long-rumoured 13MP camera will apparently have optical image stabilisation and a dual-flash, while the front facing snapper will supposedly be 2MP, which we've heard before.

Juiced up

There are also some new battery details, as the site claims it will be 3200+ mAh, which is quite a boost on the 2300 mAh Nexus 5. It's also said to be compatible with Motorola's turbo charger, allowing it to gain 8 hours worth of juice after just 15 minutes of charging.

The site has put together a mock-up of the Nexus 6 based on its information and as we've seen before it looks a lot like a larger Moto X and apparently it has an aluminium frame like that phone, however a new detail is that it also supposedly includes front-facing stereo speakers.

Nexus 6 mock-up
Credit: Android Police

The image also shows off some new icons, most of which are along the lines of what we've seen before, along with a new 'Drive' folder, seemingly filled with Google's editing apps. You can also see that the status icons at the top are now solid, but one thing that's slightly puzzling is the messaging icon next to the dialler.

It doesn't match any icon we've seen and Hangouts has already recently been revamped but whether it's Hangouts or something else it's presumably some sort of messaging app.

The real question here is whether this mock up is just based on what Android Police has heard, or if the screengrab is actually real and pasted onto a created frame. Either way, the site is claiming that messaging could still be kept and Hangouts will remain as an option.

That minor mystery aside its seems there's probably little we don't know about the Nexus 6 at this point, though that 5.9-inch size still strikes us as odd if this is the only new Nexus phone hitting the market.

  • We may have also seen the Nexus 6 in the flesh.