Nexus 6 too big for your liking? The Nexus 5 is sticking around
Still alive, still kicking

While a lot of attention is being given to the Nexus 6 following its announcement yesterday, Google is keen to make sure that we don't forget about the Nexus 5, assuring us that it has no plans to drop the smaller smartphone now that its new phablet is out.

A recent refresh of Google's Nexus 5 web page shows that the Californian company will continue to support and update the handset, which is now in stock again.

Along with a new look the page contains information about Android Lollipop, Google's latest version of its mobile operating system.

Nexus 5

The references to Android Lollipop demonstrate that Google has no intention of leaving the Nexus 5 behind, and is prepared to fully support and update the device.

This is great news if you're not sold on the 6-inch display of the Nexus 6, and would rather go for the slightly more modest 5-inch display of the excellent Nexus 5.

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