Nothing hurts the soul quite like the pang of fear when you drop your new phone. It falls in slow motion. You swing a foot at it to break the fall, but it's too late. And as you pick it up and turn it over in your hand, you see a spider web of cracks across that beautiful HD display. We've all been there.

If you're buying a phone, or a tablet, or a laptop for someone this Christmas and you're worried they might not be capable of keeping it from an ill-advised meeting with the pavement, Mr Nutcase is on hand to provide the perfect accessory with a personalised phone case.


They make polycarbonate and leather flip cases for a massive range of phones and tablets. That includes personalised cases for MacBooks, and if you're the owner of a Nokia Lumia you're in luck too - Mr Nutcase is one of the few to provide customised cases for Windows Phone devices.

You can choose from a huge collection of designs, courtesy of Mr Nutcase's recruited artisans. But if none of those take your fancy, don't fret, because it is Mr Nutcase's custom printing service that makes them really unique. Just provide a picture - or multiple pictures for a collage - and they'll print them onto a case of your choosing.


This could be a selfie of you and a friend, a baby picture for your mum, there really are endless possibilities for fantastic Christmas presents. And Mr Nutcase's printing methods are the most durable and detailed out there, so not only will they look sharp and detailed, they won't wear out or go dull without some serious use. If that wasn't enough, Mr Nutcase will throw in a free screen protector too, to ensure all around protection from bumps and scrapes.

It's all really easy to do too, just upload the pictures through the Mr Nutcase website and select everything you want from drop down menus. It's all very streamlined, and once you've decided on exactly what you want and handed over some hard earned cash, Mr Nutcase will get your case out to you the next working day. Mr Nutcase just does everything right.

If you're interested, head over to the Mr Nutcase website.

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