Update: A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed with TechRadar that the new, more powerful Galaxy Note 4 will not in fact feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip, as some reports claimed.

The spokesperson could not comment on where those reports got their information, but confirmed with TechRadar that the new Note 4 will be powered by Samsung's own Exynos chips.

As before, though, what this says about the alleged Snapdragon 810 shortage is anyone's guess.

Original story follows…

It was rumored in early December that Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Note 4 with a more powerful Snapdragon 810 chip, and now the company may have confirmed that it will.

Samsung did announce a new Note 4 that it says will be the "world's first LTE Advanced tri-band carrier aggregation smartphone," enabling lightning fast download speeds. And the site AnandTech says those improvements will be made possible by the new Qualcomm processor.

But Samsung's own announcement doesn't mention the Snapdragon 810, and the site hasn't made it clear how it arrived at that conclusion, so we've reached out to Samsung to ensure that's the case and we'll update this story when we hear back.

In the meantime we do know that the superior Note 4 will launch in January, but it will be available only in South Korea, so you probably won't be able to buy it anyway.

Rumors and signs

Qualcomm has supposedly been having trouble producing enough Snapdragon 810 chips for all the handset makers that would like to use them in 2015, though the company said officially that "everything with Snapdragon 810 remains on track."

The phones allegedly facing delays include the Samsung Galaxy S6, among many others.

Samsung having enough access to the latest and greatest Snapdragon to casually toss it in a super limited new phone might be a good sign, though.

Either way we'll have to wait for more official announcements from phone makers in 2015 to find out for sure whether the Snapdragon 810 will be as ubiquitous as current Qualcomm chips are.

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