The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has been making the rounds of late, earning itself as one of the premier players heading into the upcoming holiday season. No doubt, many people have already gone ahead and snagged the prized phablet, not only for its top-notch arsenal of features, but also for the fact that it’s just one generally, all-around good phone. And with any prized item, most folks will want to ensure that it stays in pristine condition as long as possible.

Well, we’ve been checking out Spigen’s line of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note5, and boy do they offer a multitude of cases to appeal to a wide range of people. From the stylish and sleek, to the protective and substantial, Spigen seems to cover the gamut with its line of cases. So far, they’ve had a good track record of being prepared for new smartphone arrivals – just like this one.

Best of all, too, is that Spigen’s line of cases are pretty affordable for the most part, just as long as you pick them up from Amazon, which seems to offer a more discounts for the various cases. If you’ve already bought the phone, or planning to do so in the very near future, then take a quick peek below to see how each of Spigen’s cases turn out in our quick review.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note5 Cases Review

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Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note5 Cases Review

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal – 6.5

This reminds us of that translucent plastic cover that grandma uses to put over her sofa in the living room. While there’s really nothing too stylish about this one, it employs this inner dot pattern on the inside to prevent the plastic case from sticking on too much to the Note5’s slick glass surfaces. At least it doesn’t mask the true color of the Note5, so for some people, they’ll find it great at preserving Sammy’s design. Price: $20
Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal – 6.5

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon – 8.5

Just like an exotic sports car, the Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon case gives the Note5 that aggressive demeanor with its protective quality and carbon fiber texture. For something that doesn’t tack on a whole lot of heft to its package, it’s nice to see that it also offer military grade drop protection. With its killer looks and sturdy package, you can’t go wrong with this one. Price: $18
Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon – 8.5

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid – 7

Similar to the Neo Hybrid Crystal case, but without the hard polycarbonate frame wrapping around the sides, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case allows the Note5’s design to shine through. For those who love to have their phones ‘naked,’ this one ensures that the phone’s original design won’t be masked in any sort of way. With its sturdier plastic material, this one is also able to receive that military grade drop protection as well. Price: $12
Spigen Ultra Hybrid – 7

4. Spigen Rugged Armor – 8.5

It’s by far one of the easier cases to put on the Galaxy Note5, seeing that it’s just one single piece – as opposed to the two components used by its other cases. As its name implies, it’s graced with the same level of protection as some of Spigen’s other cases with its military grade drop protection. Thankfully, there isn’t too much of a compromise with its style, seeing that it too, is sprinkled with some carbon fiber textures to give it more appeal. Price: $10
Spigen Rugged Armor – 8.5

5. Spigen Slim Armor – 8

One of its longest line of cases, the Slim Armor is designed to practically safeguard the Note5 from all sorts of punishment. Indeed, it clearly adds more heft onto the _phone_ than some of its other cases, but the result of it all is none other than having peace of mind in the event it accidentally slips off your hand – and falls smack down to the hard floor. And just like always, it also comes with a kickstand in the rear to offer you a hands-free experience when it comes to watching videos. Price: $15
Spigen Slim Armor – 8

6. Spigen Liquid Crystal – 6.5

Do you prefer something that’s form-fitting and minimalist in design? Well, the Liquid Crystal case will be your ideal choice for the Note5, seeing that it’s all about self-preservation. Meaning, it doesn’t do too much in adding any sort of meaningful protection or masking to the phone. Rather, its primary purpose if to shield it from minor blemishes, such as your keys coming into contact with it while the two are in your pocket, but don’t blame yourself in the event it’s dropped. Price: $10
Spigen Liquid Crystal – 6.5

7. Spigen Thin Fit – 6

Sporting a one-piece polycarbonate construction with a matte finish, the Thin Fit case is one of those barely-there kind of things meant to simply protect the _phone_ from superficial stuff. However, you’ll still want to pay extra care and attention when you’re using the phone, just because it’s not the kind of thing that’ll do nicely with drops. Price: $10
Spigen Thin Fit – 6

8. Spigen Wallet S – 7.5

Yet another classic staple in its portfolio, the Wallet S case blends utility and functionality with its package, as it’s not only a decent protective case, but it also happens to double as a wallet as well – where it can accommodate up to 3 cards in its slots. In our experience, however, we’re able to stuff as many as 6 cards before it’s too inflated to close properly. And finally, there’s some added use as well because it incorporates its own kickstand implementation. Price: $18
Spigen Wallet S – 7.5
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