StoreDot first introduced its amazing fast-charging battery in April 2014, and at the time it was a bulky gadget about the size of a laptop charger.

Now the company is showing off a new and improved version of the battery, which uses synthesized organic molecules to move ions around with great speed, at CES 2015. And it actually looks like something you could stick in the back of a phone, with a smaller charging cradle to match.

Not that you would; the StoreDot battery is only 900mAh, way lower than your average smartphone battery, and charging it requires far more amps - around 40 - than existing phones use.

They do have 2000mAh batteries that are more realistic for smartphone use, but they take around three minutes to charge. And who has that much time on their hands?

StoreDot hopes to create fast-charging batteries that match current size and capacity standards by 2017, which seems even farther away when you think about how much time you're going to spend charging your phone between now and then. CEO Doron Myersdorf told the BBC they hope to create batteries for electric cars as well.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a much bigger battery than that

Via Android Authority

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