The Moto X influence is plain to see in the latest Nexus 6 leak
Google's dropping hints all over the shop

Renowned leaker Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks on Twitter, may be out of the game, but it seems the tipster has just posted a new image of the Nexus 6.

From the photo posted on the @evleaks Twitter feed, the Motorola influence is evident with a design very similar to the Moto X.

The Android L interface is also clearly visible, suggesting that the Nexus 6 will come with Google's new mobile operating system if this picture is the real deal.

Google drops hints

Nexus 6

Meanwhile a new Android advert may be Google's biggest hint yet that the Nexus 6 is coming, and shows off a phone with a design not dissimilar from the one above. You can watch it for yourself at the end of this article.

That phablet looks like it could well be the Moto X, especially with those Android L navigation buttons.

This caught a lot of people's attention as it could be the closest we've come to seeing a confirmation from Google about what the Nexus 6 will look like.

The large size of the handset tallies and Google's comment on "all kinds of phones" chimes with what we've heard about the Nexus 6 being a large phablet-sized device.

We've heard plenty of rumours about Motorola being the manufacturer of the Nexus 6, and we'd say it's not long to go until Google finally pulls back the curtain.

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