We've been hearing rumors for weeks now that Samsung will start from scratch with its next flagship, which may or may not be called the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Whether or not that's true, a new report says the Galaxy S6 will share at least one thing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4: a curved spin-off with the "Edge" moniker.

That's according to SamMobile, which says Samsung will launch a Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display, just like the Galaxy Note Edge.

Wherever they're getting their information from, that's all there is to this particular rumor. There's no indication when the Galaxy S6 Edge will be released in relation to the flagship Galaxy S6, or how limited its run will be compared with the very limited Galaxy Note Edge.

But the rumor does elucidate one possible fact: that Samsung might come to rely more and more on curved screens going forward.

  • This is how the Samsung Galaxy S6 should look
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