Windows Phone 8.1 Denim update won't arrive on most Lumias until 2015
O2 claims the Denim update to Windows Phone 8.1 will hit early 2015

If you've got a Windows Phone and are waiting for the latest update, known as Denim, then it looks like you might have to wait a little bit longer.

UK mobile operator O2 was forced to explain to its customers why Lumia handsets have not yet been updated, although some handsets like the Lumia 930 have received the update.

According to O2, this is because Microsoft has yet to release the update to network carriers.

What's new?

O2 promises that as soon as Microsoft releases the update to carriers, it will begin pushing the update to its customers' devices. Because the carriers will need to test and approve the update before sending it to their customers, most people won't see it until early 2015.

The Denim update will be worth upgrading to as it brings a number of new features to Windows Phone including a passive-listening Cortana (Microsoft's Siri-like virtual assistant), 4K video and more.

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Via Windows Central