A lot of phones support wireless charging now - over 70 different models in fact - but so far public spaces have been slow to take advantage of that fact.

McDonald's could be the company to jumpstart the uptake though, as Aircharge, a company which develops wireless charging products, announced at CES that it's partnering with the fast food giant to add 600 Qi wireless charging hotspots at over 50 McDonald's branches in London and elsewhere around the UK.

That's according to Qi at CES, which reports that the Aircharge wireless charging spots are designed to be water resistant and easy to wipe clean. Which is good, because at McDonald's they're sure to be subjected to grease, ketchup and all manner of fizzy drinks.

You don't even need a Qi-compatible phone

While many phones already support wireless charging you can still use these wireless charging spots even if yours doesn't, as an Aircharge wireless charging receiver will also be provided with them.

It's not been confirmed when we'll start seeing these in McDonald's but presumably it will be soon. Now we just need the remaining 1150 UK branches and other restaurants, bars and coffee shops to start supporting it.

  • There have been loads of other announcements at CES 2015.
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