Apple may have to adjust its orders for greater iPhone 6 Plus demand
The iPhone 6 Plus is positively massive

Everyone in Texas knows that bigger is better, but apparently that lesson still hasn't fully sunk in in Cupertino.

Yes, Apple made the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the biggest iPhones yet, particularly the latter, which matches the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 almost inch for inch.

But Apple also reportedly failed to anticipate just how many new iPhone customers would opt for the larger version of the smartphone, according to DigiTimes.

Now the company has been forced to adjust its supply ratios, ceding some iPhone 6 production so that iPhone 6 Plus production can be ramped up, the site's sources said.

Live and learn

This won't go into effect right away, as it can take some time for suppliers and manufacturers to adjust their processes and facilities.

Retailers might not see the difference for some time, but the immediate effect is that normal iPhone 6 shipments will reportedly be significantly lower moving forward as the supply chain plays catch-up on iPhone 6 Plus orders.

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