ARM promises greater efficiency with next-gen Mali components
ARM upgrades again

Smartphones and tablets have become our main computers, ARM argued in a press release today, and they should be our most efficient devices.

Enter the new T800 GPUs, DP550 display processor, and V550 video accelerator ARM has introduced in its "Mali" family of components.

The tech company says the new components will enable device makers to craft the most efficient gadgets yet, with every process handled by the right component for the job.

With great power comes great efficiency

The new GPUs range from the Mali-T820, ideal for devices like wearables, to the Mali-T860, more powerful but larger and better suited for smartphones, tablets and even low-cost 4K TVs.

There's also a middle-of-the-road Mali-T830 that strikes a balance between power, size and efficiency.

In addition the new Mali-V550 and Mali-DP550 benefit from a slew of new and upgraded technologies, from hardware-implemented HEVC video support to "Motion Search Elimination," which ARM says can reduce bandwidth up to 35%.

The new Mali parts are expected to begin showing up in products in the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first of the following year.

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