Could the Samsung Galaxy S6 really come with a dual-edged display?
I've got screens, they're multiplying

An analyst has suggested Samsung may use a rather unusual kind of screen in next year's Galaxy S6, one that curves around both sides of the phone.

Analysts come up with some crackpot ideas — the attention they get does an analyst's career no harm. But there is some weight behind IHD Technology analyst Jerry Kang's suggestion that the Galaxy S6 will offer a dual-edge screen.

Kang imagines a phone with a screen somewhat like the extant Samsung Galaxy Note Edge's, but taking the edge display a step, or bend, further.

"The Galaxy S6 to be released next year will feature a 'dual-edged' screen which is curved on the right and left sides," said Kang.

He claims that this was the original plan for the Note Edge, before Samsung dropped the blueprint down to a single edge at the last minute. While not widely available or remotely popular, you can still get hold of a Note Edge for £649.99, or $400 on contract from AT&T in the US.

The dual-edged screen idea is an interesting one, and could align with Samsung's alleged 'Project Zero', for which it will reboot its design philosophy for the S6.

Why why why why why?

So, that edge: why? In the Note model it's used as an info update 'second screen' and for app shortcuts.

With edges curved around both sides in the Galaxy S6, Samsung could feasibly use one for shortcuts and another for notifications, freeing up more of the main display for… well, Samsung's latest phones like the Note 4 have no shortage of screen space, but we're sure the company will come up with something.

Kang made these claims at the HS Display Analyst Conference, so it's no wonder he's keen to talk big about new kinds of screen tech being employed.

We expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 announced within the first half of 2015, although Samsung is yet to confirm anything about the phone.

Via G for Games