Google Drive gets Touch ID support, prod-uctivity increases
Drive gets touchy-feely

The abilities of Apple's TouchID sensor are expanding further, with the Google Drive app now letting you use the scanner.

For more than a year, the TouchID sensor of iPhones, and now iPads like the iPad Air 2, could only really be used for Apple purposes.

But now Google Drive is in on the game: the fingerprint scanner can be used in place of a security passcode in Google's cloud storage app.

Touch me

Google announced the new feature in a Google+ post, alongside the ability to save videos from your Drive to your device's camera roll (very handy) and save files to Drive from within other apps (also very handy).

These are optimisations seemingly made possible by iOS 8, because you'll need it to make full use of them. Other apps that can use Touch ID include PayPal, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.