Google wants to create a real-time translation tool
'Allo 'allo (credit: BGR)

Google is working on an Android keyboard app that will offer real-time translations via Google Translate for two people on the same device.

The keyboard app, discovered through a patent filing, effectively splits the device to allow two people to talk to each other. So, on one side of the screen is a keyboard you type into in English with the resulting message appearing on the other side in a different lingo. The same process works the other way.

Call us cynical, but we find it a little unlikely you're going to be able to convince a passing local to share your device long enough to ask them where the train station is. And, while Google Translate is an effective tool for understanding the basics, it still lacks most of the nuance that makes up language.

According to BGR, the filing was made a couple of years ago, so Google is clearly taking its time perfecting the app - if the company is actually working on it.

Either way, its an intriguing idea and kudos to Google for potentially bringing something different to the third party keyboard space.

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