Has Apple forced Samsung's to release the Galaxy Note 4 early?
We may get it a few days early if we're lucky

It looks like we might not have to wait as long for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as we thought, with a recent article in the Korea Times suggesting that Samsung has moved the release date forward in response to Apple's launch of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Whilst the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus was widely expected and didn't come as much of a surprise, the runaway success of the larger iPhone looks like it may have spooked Samsung.

The Korean manufacturer has enjoyed success with the large screen phablet market with its Galaxy Note series, which was a market that Apple hadn't bothered with until now.

According to a Samsung official quoted in the Korea Times, Samsung has now brought forward the release of the Galaxy Note 4 in a bid to prevent customers looking for a large screen smartphone choosing Apple's device.

According to the official, "the positive reaction from consumers to those two Apple devices prompted us to launch the Note 4 earlier than previously scheduled".

A sign of the Korea Times

The Galaxy Note 4 was pencilled in for a launch sometime in October, but it may now go on sale as early as September 26 in Korea, though whether it'll also fire early in other regions is unclear.

Not only will the Galaxy Note 4 be launching earlier, but it looks like the Note 4 will be sold at a lower price as well. According to rumours published by G for Games, Samsung may be giving the Galaxy Note 4 the lowest price tag of any new Note device.

It looks like Samsung is serious about fighting Apple for the phablet market, with the Korean manufacturer looking to ship 15 million Galaxy Note 4 devices in the first 30 days of the launch. Whether or not this new launch date will affect its plans remains to be seen.

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Via G for Games