Here's a working Project Ara prototype in action
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Google's Project Ara concept is picking up some serious momentum, judging by a new video that shows a fully working version of the modular smartphone running Android.

The prototype video appeared courtesy of Phonebloks - originally a rival modular concept that was eventually subsumed into the Google Ara project. In the video, engineers at NK Labs are shown working on the design of Ara before finally piecing the prototype together and flicking the on switch.

Android appears fully functional and in the video the user is shown navigating the app grid with the Ara's touchscreen.

Piecing it together

At the end of the video, two dates are announced for events that will showcase this new prototype. The first will take place on January 14, focusing on Europe and the Americas while the second, focusing on Asia and the Pacific will happen on January 21.

A recent trademark filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Google seems to indicate the company will be keeping the "Ara" codename as the product's full title.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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Via Phandroid