iOS 8.1 is available for download now
iOS 8.1 adds new features and bug fixes

iOS 8.1 is available for download now, and it's packed with some buzzworthy features.

Chief among those additions to the first major iOS 8 update is Apple Pay, which lets you use your phone to make payments at certain ahead-of-the-curve retailers.

Apple Pay has the potential to alter the landscape of physical and online commerce, and it begins today.

The service is availably only on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but thankfully it's not the only positive change coming in iOS 8.1

Squash those bugs

iOS 8.1 also includes the public beta of Apple's iCloud photo library, more connectivity features among Apple's numerous platforms, and the return of the Camera Roll.

Besides the new features, Apple's aim with iOS 8.1 is twofold: to address the main sources of customer feedback, and to squash many of the bugs found in iOS 8.

Go download iOS 8.1 now if you have an iOS 8-compatible device and find out whether Apple succeeded.

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