New law will clean up the back of your smartphone

A new law passed by President Obama is set to banish the ugly FCC markings that are stamped on the back of our smartphones.

Not that it's exactly a huge problem, but a lot of us would like our smartphones to be unspoilt by the range of FCC markings stamped on the back. These markings will be no more thanks to the E-Label Act, which has just been signed into law.

This new law will mean that device manufacturers can now display those markings in software, rather than branding their gadgets. Not only will this make devices look cleaner, but it could also lead to (slightly) cheaper handsets, as manufacturers will save money by not having to engrave the stamps on their devices.

Unfortunately if you live in Europe you'll still have to put ip with the CE markings for now, but it's highly possible that the EU will follow suit.

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Via 9to5mac