New startup takes on Google's modular Ara phone
Vsenn for now is just a tease of things to come

Google's Project Ara could be the next revolution in smartphone technology - but it might not change the tech world uncontested.

A new Finnish startup called Vsenn is making a modular smartphone that will take on Ara directly in the DIY mobile category.

Vsenn's modular phone will let users swap out its processor, memory, battery, camera, and backplate, and though it will run stock Android they've promised consistent updates for at least four years.

It also features triple layer encryption and free VPN and secure cloud access for added security.

Phone teardown heating up

Vsenn was co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager, according to the startup's official site.

There's no hint as to when Vsenn plans to actually launch its modular phone, but with Google's Ara release date scheduled some time between January and March 2015 it had better be soon if the startup wants to compete with the search giant.

  • Looks like Google's Project Ara will actually be called…

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