OnePlus is opening a bricks-and-mortar shop to sell the One
The OnePlus Store will debut with one location (credit:

The inexpensive but impressive OnePlus One has been notoriously difficult to get, but that might soon change - at least in China.

It's there that the startup is opening a single brick-and-mortar retail location, the OnePlus Store.

The Beijing shop will open on December 20, just in time for you to grab one and hop on a flight back to wherever you hang your stockings for the holidays.

Stuff it

The OnePlus one has been available by invitation and in limited wider sales, but currently there's nowhere you can just click a button - or walk into a store - to buy one.

China's OnePlus Store will reportedly carry the smartphone, but it will also focus on accessories and the "experience," with fan events and a "water bar."

More stores are expected to roll elsewhere in China eventually, while the rest of us are left with either waiting or blowing our vacation money to get the OnePlus One.

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