OnePlus Two rumours bubble, point to 2015 launch and 'surprises'
OnePlus is to have another go at making a mobile

The OnePlus One was the most hyped phone to come from an unknown brand this year, and rumours about a follow-up are already circulating the internet.

According to an unnamed source talking to Times of India, the phone — which may be called the OnePlus Two — will arrive in 2015 and will offer hardware "surprises". Naughty or nice? Who knows.

The source also offers a few other vague indications that the phone will be cheaper than much of the Android competition and will offer some form of hardware customisation.

Just like the OnePlus One, then.

However, a second go at the formula may let OnePlus actually deliver on its promises. While cheap, the OnePlus One is still incredibly difficult to buy, and the promised array of rear panels made of different materials are even more scarce.

Whether these rumours are pure fabrication or not, we look forward to OnePlus having another stab at a phone release. And hopefully doing it properly this time.

via Times of India