Samsung has begun work on the Galaxy S6, and it could be radically different
Samsung's starting over again?

Samsung has begun work on its next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. With 2014 almost over and all of this year's flagship Samsung handsets released, it was inevitable that the Korean company would waste no time working on the next generation of its Galaxy S line.

What is particularly interesting is that sources contacted SamMobile with information that the Galaxy S6's codename is the rather exciting sounding "Project Zero".

The Project Zero moniker is a break from previous project naming conventions, which used letters for codenames when refering to flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 started life as Project J, and the Galaxy Note 4 was known as Project T.

What's in a codename?

By abandoning the alphabetical codenames and going with "Zero", SamMobile's sources claim that this shows that Samsung is starting from scratch with a whole new design and philosophy with the Galaxy S6.

Ditching the disappointing design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is no bad thing, but we had been hoping that the Galaxy S6 would take some design cues from the premium-looking Galaxy A5 and Galaxy Alpha.

If Samsung is indeed starting from scratch with Project Zero then we might see a completely new design. While no other details about the upcoming Galaxy S6 were mentioned by the source, it's clear that Samsung wants to reinvigorate its flagship range after the lacklustre response to the Galaxy S5.

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