Samsung takes a dig at the bendy iPhone 6 Plus with Note 4 stress tests
Samsung says the Note 4 is unbendable

The iPhone 6 Plus has a major problem, besides being laughably massive.

According to some users, the phone gets quite easily bent out of shape, and several reports have emerged of the large iPhone 6's aluminum frame getting warped into bizarre shapes.

So just in case there are any misconceptions that the 6 Plus's phablet rivals suffer from something similar, Samsung has published a video in which the Galaxy Note 4 undergoes extensive stress testing.

Unsurprisingly it comes out unscathed on the other side, though who knows whether that's enough to get iPhone devotees to switch systems.

Do the bendy

There's always going to be the argument that #bendgate is your fault, not Apple's. Sitting on your shiny, expensive new smartphone is never a good idea, no matter what it's made of or how tight your pants are.

And of course the Note 4 has its own problems.

Nevertheless it does seem from the "three-point bend test" and the "human weight test" in the video that the Note 4's metal frame is better able to stand up to the average human butt than than the iPhone 6 Plus.

In any case it's worth watching just to see the animation Samsung made of a guy repeatedly squatting angrily into a chair.

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