Wonderful news for any current iPhone 6 owners intending to upgrade to the new iPhone 6s! Considering that we’re in that “S” year, it means that there’s no major redesign to the beloved smartphone, so if you already have a case for the iPhone 6, it’s also going to be compatible with the new version. Savings, we can’t complain about that one.

Then again, there are some folks who can’t resist picking up a new case to match their new upgrade. Therefore, if you happen to be that person, Spigen has refreshed its line of cases accordingly in preparation of the iPhone 6s’ arrival. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the accessories maker, seeing that they’ve earned their reputation thanks to the iPhone – so it makes perfect sense to them get busy once again with a new iPhone on the horizon.

And if you decide instead to not upgrade, just be aware that its refreshed line is still compatible with the iPhone 6. Beyond the diversified styles and designs, the nice thing about Spigen’s line of iPhone 6s cases is that they’re relatively affordable – just as long as you go through its Amazon portal. In fact, the majority of its iPhone 6s cases can be fetched for under $20, going as low as $10 in some instances. If all of this has piqued your interest, just look through the gallery below to get an idea of what to expect with each particular one.

Spigen Apple iPhone 6s/6 Cases Review

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Spigen Apple iPhone 6s/6 Cases Review

1. Spigen Thin Fit – 6

No surprise with this one! If you’re all about that naked look, then the Thin Fit case is absolutely going to be your cup of tea, especially with its see-through minimalist design. At least there’s a little bit of protection with this one, against superficial nicks that is, since the polycarbonate material is durable enough to withstand minor damage. Price: $13
Spigen Thin Fit – 6

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid – 7

A classic and timeless series from Spigen, the Neo Hybrid case gives the _phone_ some uniformity, as the back is completely flush – helping to safeguard the camera lens from being scratched against surfaces. Not only does the patterned TPU material provide better grip for the iPhone 6s, but it also does nicely in absorbing the shock from it being dropped. However, you can say that it’s one of the pricier options in Spigen’s portfolio. Price: $17
Spigen Neo Hybrid – 7

3. Spigen Neo Hybrid EX – 7

You can tell that Spigen’s most popular series is none other than the Neo Hybrid, so it’s only logical for them to branch it out to other segments. That’s where the Neo Hybrid EX comes to mind, a similar two-piece case that differentiates itself from the standard Neo Hybrid with its flexible TPU shell. This implementation, naturally, allows the iPhone 6s’ design to remain in full frontal view, as opposed to being hidden from the world. Price: $17
Spigen Neo Hybrid EX – 7

4. Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon – 8.5

We absolutely adore this case! The Neo Hybrid Carbon, in particular, sports an edgier design with its carbon fiber pattern and military-grade drop protection. It takes after many of the Neo Hybrid’s qualities, like its reinforced bumper, which offers a nice contrast to the all-black color of the case. Blending style and utility, this one can’t be beat. Price: $17
Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon – 8.5

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid – 7

This one-piece case is one of the lower cost models in Spigen’s case, making it a likely candidate if you’re on a tight budget. While it preserves the iPhone 6s’ design thanks to its crystal clear polycarbonate case, one that’s pretty stiff, they’ve also managed to add just only a little bit of thickness to the phone’s already outstanding svelte construction. At the same time, too, there’s not too much of a compromise with its military-grade drop protection. Price: $13
Spigen Ultra Hybrid – 7

6. Spigen Rugged Armor – 8

Very similar in design to the Neo Hybrid Carbon, but with less toughness with its protection, the Rugged Armor case fashions together an appealing design that’s simple and easy to put onto the iPhone 6s. With its single layered TPU shell, which gives it that rubbery feel, it does nicely to absorb some shock if it’s dropped, but it lacks the sturdy polycarbonate bumper frame of the Neo Hybrid case for added strength integrity. Still, we can’t complain how the carbon fiber patterns complements its design – and it’s cheap too! Price: $10
Spigen Rugged Armor – 8

7. Spigen Liquid Crystal – 6.5

Talk about minimalism to the max! The Liquid Crystal case isn’t big on the drop protection, but it is when it comes to retaining the phone’s original design. If you prefer that naked approach, this one surely gets the job done. Indeed, the TPU case is exceptionally lightweight and thin, a perfect complement that doesn’t add any major bulk to the phone, but its weaker drop protection means that you’ll need to pay extra attention when you’re holding it in your hand. Price: $10
Spigen Liquid Crystal – 6.5

8. Spigen Perfect Armor – 7.5

When it comes to that 360-degree full coverage protection, no other case in its lineup does it better than the Perfect Armor. Encapsulating the _phone_ entirely, one that even features its own built-in screen protector to keep the display free from scratches, it truly provides superior protection against drops. In achieving its higher level of protection, it results in a slightly bulkier case – and one that receives a higher premium. Price: $25
Spigen Perfect Armor – 7.5
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