Windows Phone 8.1 'Denim' update promised to 'roll out soon'
Windows Phone's 'Denim' will be a welcome update

We deal a lot with rumors and hearsay in this industry, so it's nice - if unusual - when an official source just comes right out and says something.

Cue the official Microsoft Lumia Twitter account, which said today that the "Denim" update for Windows Phone 8.1 "will roll out soon following testing and operator approvals."

You have to love the smiley face they tacked on to the end, as well.

How soon is "soon"?

"Soon" could mean any number of things where Microsoft is concerned, but it's at least nice to have them address the question directly.

UK carrier O2 said on November 17 that Microsoft had yet to send it the Denim update for testing, and that even though some Lumia devices might get it sooner most users will have to wait until 2015 as a result.

Given that it's late November, 2015 could definitely be considered "soon," so Lumia owners anxious for the latest OS version might just have to wait until the new year.

Hopefully the new Cortana features, 4K video and more that are expected in Denim will be worth the wait.

  • Windows 10 is the next version of Windows Phone, too