Rumours suggest that Samsung has begun manufacturing the A9 chip, which will be the processor behind the iPhone 7, or even a possible iPhone 6S.

According to reports published by ETNews, Samsung will be using a new 14-nanometre FinFET technology for the chips.

This means that the A9 chips will be 15% smaller than the A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The reduction in size could give Apple more space in the next iPhone's body to include a larger battery or even a new exciting bit of tech.

Smaller, faster, cooler

The new chip could also be up to 20% more powerful than the previous A8 chip, while needing 35% less power.

This means that the next iPhone could have much improved batery life, especially if Apple does include a bigger battery.

If you're not interested in Apple devices then worry not, as rumours suggest that the 14nm FinFET technology will be making its way to chips in other smartphones and tablets, so hopefully many of us will benefit from the smaller, more efficient and more powerful processors.

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